Workout For Abs: 7 Best Exercises To Get A Six-Pack

Getting those impressive, shredded abs is a goal that requires dedication and hard work. It may require you to change your diet or daily routine… or maybe both.

But some people are not always capable of making such changes due to work, lifestyle, home responsibilities or medical conditions. However, if you are one of them, it does not mean you don’t have the chance get those abs like those of Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez or Chris Hemsworth.

There is an ab-sculpting program that actually works and is doable for most people. Students, full-time parents and those in the corporate world can do the exercises without worrying about missing their schedules.

The entire program would only take 30 to 40 minutes a day. And another good news is you can do it at home or anywhere that is convenient because you won’t be needing any equipment.

Below are are the top ways to help you get six-pack abs:

1. Prone Plank

It is a known do-anywhere exercise. Put yourself into a full push-up position with your palms on the floor aligned to your shoulders. Contract your abs, extend your arms and legs and hold the position for 30 seconds to one minute.

2. Abdominal Hold

All you need is a sturdy chair. Sit tall on the edge of the chair, place your hands on the edge and lift your butt off the chair, with your toes 2 to 4 inches off the floor. Tighten your abs and hold this position for as long as you can. Keep on repeating the exercise for one minute.

3. The Climb Up

You need a 3-foot-long scarf or towel. Lie on the floor, wrap the towel around the ball of your right foot, bend your knee while the other foot without the cloth is on the floor. For the exercise, walk both your hands up the scarf, slowly lifting your head and shoulders off the floor. Hold for a count of two and slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.

4. Squat Thrust with Twist

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and squat down with your arms extended in front of you at shoulder height. Bend the knees 90 degrees then twist your upper body to the left. Return to your original position and repeat the exercise to the right.

5. The Single-Leg Stretch

Lie your back on the floor with your knees bent. Lift your head and shoulders and curl your chin in toward your chest. Once in position, draw the left knee in toward the chest and place your left hand on your ankle and the right hand on your knee. Lift your right leg up to 45 degrees off the floor. Extend your left leg while hugging the right leg to your chest.

6. Flutter Kick

Lie on your back and place your legs and arms straight at your sides. Lift your heels about six inches off the floor and do a scissors-like motion by rapidly kicking your feet up and down.

7. Star Plank

Do a push-up position. Try to place your arms and feet apart to make a star shape. Do this as wide as possible and hold the position with your torso straight and abs braced for 30 seconds.

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